5 Things I would definately do differently

This was my first triathlon and as expected things did not go to plan ................

Here's a few things that won't happen again!

  1. Have a wetsuit that fits - My wetsuit was a few years old and way too tight in the chest, not being able to breathe does not help in the swim!
  2. Do some open water swimming - It was such a pain to get some open water practice organised that I just didn't bother.  It is not like a pool and the wetsuit is not neccessarily easier to swim in (see point 1)
  3. Have something to eat before the event- my race was starting at 215 in the afternoon, no lunch was not a good idea
  4. Do not cycle from the rail station to the event- It is ok before, but soul destroying afterwards
  5. Have a list of what I need - I didn't miss anything, I took loads of stuff I never even got close to using

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