Croydon 10K Pictures

Evariste, Norman & Helen
 An absolutely knackered Helen .......

Croydon 10km

Sean and I did the Croydon 10km at the weekend, it is designed more for the club runners but we thought we would give it ago. It was a slightly hilly course, but we made it. Sean came in half a minute quicker than I at 1:04.12 and we weren't right up the back so all in all a good effort. Norman and Evariste from the V&A did it with us, it was Everest's first 10km and he did it in an amazing 55mins. Norm a pro as always even at 54 years managed 52mins. It was good fun, although going to Ikea afterwards was a mistake. I had some serious grumps by the time I got home. I am planning on doing a 7mile run at the weekend, I need to start building up the distance now, just over 6 months to go before the big event, the nerves are starting to kick in.

Richard Branson's £5 offer

All he wanted was a Running Man video ...........

Why am I here?

Ok, so things have not gone exactly to plan with my Marathon history, I had intended to run the Marathon four years ago, although a rather unfortunate incident with a motorcycle things had to put on hold for a while. Four operations and a little bit of misery and pain, I am back to my old self (well almost) and next April I will be running the London Marathon.

Whilst I was in hospital I met a lovely lady in the next door bed who had cancer. She was an inspiration to me with the courage she showed. Our conversations gave me the drive to get back on my feet and keep going, and gave me the opportunity to see what a difference I could make. A bone marrow transplant can literally save a life, and if we can get one person to join the bone marrow register and become a donor, it would be a fitting tribute to her.