My training is officially rubbish ...................

If anyone is vaguely observant you may have noticed that my training log has been pretty empty recently, this is not through a lack of inclination though.  A nasty combination of seven 12 hour shifts at the hospital in a row and coming down with all the viruses that the snotty little kids (I love them really) can give me means I haven't been able to do anything for the last week.

 I'm not sure if it was training a little two hard a few weeks back, or the exhaustion from night shifts, but I just haven't been able to shift the flu which has been bothering me for a week now.  Things are looking up though, as I have three days to recover before work looms again.

The real problem is how far Helen is racing ahead of me, she's already upto eleven miles in her long runs! Thats just more motivation to get right back at it, I won't let her beat me .................

Anyone who has any bright ideas on avoiding  the flu, feel  free to let me know, I'll try anything.

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